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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Itinerary

Day 1
Departure from Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.

Day 2

Arrival at JFK, New York from London Heathrow.

Day 3 
A visit to the University of Columbia and the Spy Exhibit.

Day 4

A visit to Bronx Zoo.

Day 5

A visit to the Intrepid Museum.

Day 6
New York's Hall of Science and Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Day 7

Sony Wonder Technology Lab and Jersey Garden Mall.

Day 8

Liberty Science Centre and Transit to DC.

Day 9

Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum.

Day 10

Six Flags.

Day 11

National Aquarium, Shopping and late departure to Nigeria.

Day 12

Arrival at Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos, Nigeria.


Tour of Columbia University and the Spy Exhibit
On the 29th of March we went to Columbia University and the Spy Exhibit. At Columbia University we went on a short tour of the school. We were shown the statue in front of their old library the Alma Mata, which is Latin for 'great mother'. The old Columbian University Library was weighed down by the millions of books in it. It sunk about three inches into the ground, so another library was built opposite it.

On our tour, we went round their new library and we also learnt about the scholar's lion who's ribs carved in stone, represents it's hunger for knowledge. This is basically meant to motivate the students to study and be hard-working.

Spy: The Exhibition. We went through countless galleries full of spy equipment and knowledge. Most of the equipment were used by the KGB and the Russians in the World War II and the Cold war. After that we went through a Lazer Maze - that most would say was the most enjoyable part of the trip. In the Lazer Maze, there was a stimulation that put us in the position of an actual spy creeping into a building to pick a lock of a safe. The room was dark and lazers beamed across the room and there were alarms when you couldn't afford to dodge the lazer.

The day ended with a lovely "sunbway" ride to the hotel, which was a fun experience.

 x Entry by Jaydaa Jutta Dikko and Oluwadara Odusi x Photography by Ines Adeogun-Phillips x


Visit to Bronx Zoo
Today, we visited the Bronx Zoo. The Bronx Zoo is one of the world's largest metropolitan zoos; it has a range of different animals and species

The first place we visited in the zoo was the House of Reptiles. In the House of Reptiles, we saw pythons, newts, frogs, crocodiles, cobras and turtles. Through all this, the most fascinating sight we saw was the Asiatic cobra. This is the cobra that is best to charm. It is very favored by snake charmers. Another one was the Alligator Snapping Turtle; this is the world’s largest fresh-water turtle species. It weighs about 219 lbs.

The next place we visited was the ‘African Animals’ section. In that area, we saw baboons, African wild dogs, hyenas, lions, giraffes and many more.

The last place we went to before our lunch was the Lila Acheson world of birds. Lila Anderson is the co-founder of Readers Digest, the world of birds we named after her. There we saw many birds, and learned man interesting facts about birds; facts like the fact that male birds dance to attract female birds and birds squawk and chirp to communicate. We also learned that by 1992, about 800 birds became endangered.

We had Lunch at the Dancing Crane Café, the food was nice, and we bought sweets and cupcakes too.

After lunch we went to see a 4D movie, Ice Age. It was fun, interesting, exciting and somewhat scary. This movie brought us to the end of our day .It was a fun day and a nice experience. We had a lot of fun.

 x Entry by Feyisayo Ogunlusi x Photography by Dara Odusi x

The Intrepid Museum

x Photography by Oluwadara Odusi x

New York Hall Of Science

 x Photography by Oluwadara Odusi x
Ripleys Believe it or not

x Photography by Oluwadara Odusi 
Sony Wonder Technology Hall

In Sony Wonder Technology Hall, there lay a teenage boys heaven. There were so many things to figure out there and understand. It talked about nanobots and robots, it also  taught you how to create animations and i found that very hard. There will be no pictures from this place because the building was too dark to take pictures in.
After Sony Wonder Technology Laboratory, we went to the mall where the girls and boys of year 8 bought all the things they needed. At the end of the shopping spree the bus was packed with clothes and all the wonders we could see.
We ended the long day by eating at iHop restaurant. That place was amazing, great way to end the day.
x Entry by Nnola Oyeka x
Liberty Science Center
In Liberty Science Center, there were more examples of physics than the hall of science. The exhibit that interested me the most was the Avatar exhibit, it interested me because it showed everything and explained everything that ever made me wonder in the movie. Within the science center it showed that even though you're in pitch darkness you can find your way through using your sense of touch.
We ended the day by taking a long journey all the way to Washington DC.
x Entry by Nnenna Oyeka x
Two days more till the trip end and we had a well spent day at the National Air and Space Museum.We saw different air crafts. Airplanes that have taken off and landed safely. Although we didn't get to see actual launched space ships, we got to see remodels of them.
After going round half way we all met up at 12:30 pm for a benefiting lunch at McDonalds. We went on further round the museum till about 4:00 pm when we went back to the hostel.
In general the National Air and Space Museum was a great experience. 
x Entry by Kanyinsola Adeshina x
Six Flags
Today we went to Six Flags and we had a lot of fun. There were a bunch of different rides, a lot of people tried out different roller coasters. the majority of the rides we went on were mostly located in Gotham City, like:
  • Bat wing
  • Superman Man of Steel
  • Joker's
  • Penguins Blizzard River
others included:
  • Wild One
  • Roar
  • Apocalypse
  • Mind Eraser
  • Pirates Flight
  • Riddles me this
Some people had a blast while some were just terrified, all in all Six Flags was SCARY FUN! I would love to go there again.

x Entry by Daniel Izu x


  1. I really enjoyed the Bronx zoo, it was great

  2. Jaydaa Dikko:

    The bus is really fun and its funny how teachers interact with us differently from out of school

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    The trip is fun, i like the teachers and ,y bus is nice

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    The trip has been nice so far

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    The trip has been suberb

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    The trip is fun and interesting

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    This trip is soo fun

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    This trip rocks my socks !!!

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    This trip has been really exciting and entertaining. I am quite happy with the results.

  10. Oluwadara Photographer Odusi:

    This trip is AWESOME !!! and i have my opportunity to speak through the amazing art of photography :)